Container Stock - 15gal to 95gal

Explore some selections of our inventory below. The provided off-site links, though informative, may not be specific to our native Texan varieties. Please call us with any questions.


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Acer buergeriunum
(Trident Maple)

Small tree with rounded crown. Vigorous grower with brilliant fall color.

Acer rubrum 'drummondii'
(Drummond Red Maple)

Beautiful native tree with narrow, rounded crown. New growth red, hardening off to a bright green with possibility of fall color depending on conditions.

Carya illinoensis

Large long lived native tree with broad rounded crown. State tree of Texas.

Cercis canadensis var. texensis
(Texas Redbud)

A small native tree with broad rounded crown. Known for purple-red show of flowers in early spring.

Elacocarpus decipien
(Japanese Blueberry)

Fast growing tropical evergreen. Medium size tree good for screening.

Ilex x attenuata ‘Eagleston’
(Eagleston Holly)

A vigorous growing tree form holly great for screening.

Ilex x attenuata 'East Palatka'
(East Palatka Holly)

Mid size tree form holly. Has dark green leaves with smooth margins and red berries in the fall.

Illex x attenuate 'Savannah'
(Savannah Holly)

Long lived, evergreen, pyramidal shaped tree. Scarlet berries in autum. It prefers acid, well drained soil.

Ilex cassine
(Dahoon Holly)

Attractive native evergreen tree used for screening.

Ilex decidua
(Possumhaw Holly)

Upright deciduous shrub or small tree with spectacular berry display in the winter.

Ilex x Magland ‘Oakland Holly’
(Oakland Holly)

Evergreen hybrid shrub or small tree with oak like leaves. Very tight and compact growth habit.

Ilex x opaca 'Fosteri'
(Foster Holly)

A small handsome tree form holly with small dark green leaves. A dependable berry producer.

Ilex vomitoria 'Pride of Houston'
(Pride of Houston Yaupon)

A small , evergreen, multi-trunked tree with dense and rounded crown. Leaves are small and smooth. It is drought resistant and can be planted in sun or shade.

Lagerstroemia indica
(Crape Myrtle)

Small tree with distinctive smooth pale trunks. It blooms throughout the summer.

Liquidambar styraciflua

A large pyramidal-shaped native tree with symmetrical branching habit. The star shaped leaves turn yellow to red in the fall. It is a rapid growing tree.

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’
(Bracken’s Brown Beauty Magnolia)

An attractive magnolia with dark green leaves having brown undersides and fragrant flowers.

Magnolia grandiflora 'DD Blanchard'
(DD Blanchard Magnolia)

Similar growth habit to that of the Southern Magnolia, with distinctive brown under side of the leaves.

Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'
(Little Gem Magnolia)

A magnolia on a smaller scale. It is an excellent bloomer that makes a good accent in the landscape.

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Teddy Bear’
(Teddy Bear Magnolia)

A dwarf compact Magnolia with excellent blooming characteristics.

Magnolia grandiflora
(Southern Magnolia)

Large cone shaped, evergreen, native tree with shiny dark green leaves. Large white flowers throughout the summer.

Myrica cerifera
(Southern Bayberry or Wax Myrtle)

Small, multi-trunked, evergreen tree with fragrant green leaves, native to east Texas.

Pinus taeda
(Loblolly Pine)

A large, rapid growing tree, native to east Texas with a good branching habit.

Pistacioa chinensis
(Chinese Pistache)

A medium size tree with broad rounded crown. Beautiful compound leaves offer a spectacular fall show.

Quercus alba
(White Oak)

Largest of the oaks. Colorful when leafing, also provides brilliant fall color. The trunk has distinctive scaly bark.

Quercus lyrata
(Overcup oak)

A large native tree with open, rounded crown. A vigorous grower, ideal for poorly drained clay soil.

Quercus macrocarpa
(Bur Oak)

A large native tree with heavy spreading branches and broad crown. Its course texture can give striking contrast to a landscape design.

Quercus nigra
(Water Oak)

A large, fast growing native oak with broad rounded crown. It has a straight trunk with a smooth bark and is semi-evergreen during a mild winter.

Quercus nuttallii
(Nuttall Oak)

A large native oak with broad open crown. New growth often showing red, with brilliant fall color. It is at home in poorly drained clay soil.

Quercus polymorpha
(Monterey Oak)

A large evergreen oak with dark green leather like leaves. It is a rapid grower, with new growth often showing red.

Quercus shumardii
(Shumard Oak)

A rapid growing native oak with open top. Large finely cut leaves turn bright red in autumn.

Quercus virginiana
(Live Oak)

A large, evergreen, native oak with wide spreading crown. It is drought resistant and adapted to a wide range of soil types.

Taxodium distichum
(Bald Cypress)

A large, native, deciduous, conifer with light feathery foliage. Ideal for planting in poorly drained areas.

Ulmus parvifolia 'Drake'
(Drake Elm)

A medium sized, rapid growing tree with a rounded crown. It has rich, dark green foliage, with sweeping branches.

Ulmus crassifolia
(Cedar Elm)

A medium to large tree with an oval crown. It has glossy green foliage with slightly weeping branches. This is an extremely durable native tree.

Vitex agnus-castus

A small deciduous tree with purple blooms in the spring.


Have questions? Give us a call at 281-277-2033. We have more varities as well.